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Welcome to

Boo Pet Groomers

Are you looking for salon where your precious baby is treated with the same loving care they
receive at home?

We understand your pooch/feline is a precious family member, so when you entrust their pet care needs to
us we treat them like a member of our family. We have built our reputation on providing the gentlest,
safest and kindest of pet care services.

All our clients receive the same grooming & spa standard of care by our qualified and loving staff. During
treatments cuddles are given in abundance, and we never rush a treatment thus ensuring every client has a

positive and relaxing experience.

Whether your pooch/feline needs a bath, haircut, skin treatment, just a day of pure indulgence we offer a
comprehensive range of treatments to make all our clients look and feel like a totally pampered

You can have incomparable peace of mind that you are treating your beloved baby to the quality care they
deserve when they visit Boo Pet Groomers.

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