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Dog Grooming

Give your pooch a trans-fur-mation. On arrival each pooch will undergo a skin and coat analysis to determine the most suitable products for their treatment. Shampoo, conditioning treatments, spa treatments and finishing mists are then chosen to ensure each pooch’s individual needs are addressed.

Shower Only

Get rid of all those dirt and dust with a nice relaxing shower for your fur kid.

S RM40   •   M RM50   •  ML RM60   •   L RM75   •   XL RM100   •   XXL RM125

Basic Grooming

A simple trim of the fur and nails will have your pet looking dashing in no time.

S RM60   •   M RM75   •   ML RM85   •   L RM95   •   XL RM120    •   XXL RM150

Puppy Cut

For the head and body, you may choose between a full hand scissoring (1-2 inches shorter) or a full shave. The legs will be trimmed slightly to look tidy.

S RM130   •   M RM150   •   ML RM190

Summer Cut

A tidy trim on the head and tail, with a full body shave.

S RM110   •   M RM135   •   ML RM160   •   L RM170   •   XL RM190   •   XXL RM190

Botak Baddie

Full shave.

S RM110   •   M RM135   •   ML RM160   •   L RM170   •   XL RM190   •   XXL RM190

Teddy Cut

Head will be trimmed and fluffed so your pooch looks like a round teddy bear.

S RM130   •   M RM150   •   ML RM190

Beard Style

The fur around and under the snout will be kept long with a slight trim.

S RM130   •   M RM150   •   L RM190

Lion Cut

Fur on the head, neck and tip of the tail will remain long with a tidy trim. Everywhere else will be shaved.

S RM130   •   M RM135   •   ML RM160   •   L RM170   •   XL RM190   •   XXL RM190

De Shedding

If your pet is shedding a lot, perhaps a good de shedding is on order.

S RM10   •   M RM15   •   L RM20   •   XL RM35   •   XL RM35

De Matting

If your pet's fur is all tangled up, we can get it de matted for you.

(Final price depends on your dog's breed, size, and severity of matting or tick problem)

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